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Billings, Montana, United States

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Billings, Montana, located in the south-central part of the state, is the largest city in Montana and the seat of Yellowstone County. According to the United States Census Bureau, the estimated population of Billings in 2020 was 109,577. The city is known for its scenic surroundings and outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, skiing, and fishing. However, like any other city, Billings has its share of crime and safety concerns.

When it comes to crime rates, Billings is considered to have a higher crime rate than the national average. In 2020, the city reported 2,613 total crimes, including 22 murders, 155 rapes, 389 robberies, 510 aggravated assaults, 931 burglaries, 1,073 larcenies, and 28 motor vehicle thefts. The overall crime rate in Billings is 2.4 times higher than the national average. However, it is worth noting that the crime rate in Billings has been decreasing over the past few years.

There are certain areas in Billings that are considered more dangerous than others. The downtown area, especially at night, can be dangerous due to a high concentration of bars and nightclubs. The south side of the city, including areas around the Southgate Mall, has also seen a higher incidence of crime in recent years. It is generally advised to avoid these areas, especially at night.

When it comes to safe times of the day to be out, it is generally considered safe to be out during the day in most areas of the city. However, as mentioned above, it is advisable to avoid certain areas at night, especially if you are alone. It is also recommended to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid walking alone at night.

In terms of other safety advice specific to the city, it is recommended to lock your car and keep valuables out of sight, as car thefts and break-ins are not uncommon in Billings. It is also advisable to take precautions when using ATMs, especially at night, and to avoid flashing large amounts of cash in public. Finally, it is important to be aware of wildlife, as Billings is located near Yellowstone National Park and other wilderness areas where bears and other dangerous animals can be found.

In terms of other useful information regarding safety, it is worth noting that Billings has a number of resources available for those who are concerned about safety. The Billings Police Department offers a number of safety programs and services, including neighborhood watch programs and safety training for businesses and individuals. The city also has a number of emergency services, including ambulance and fire services, which can be reached by dialing 911.

Overall, while Billings has a higher crime rate than the national average, there are steps that residents and visitors can take to stay safe. By being aware of your surroundings, avoiding certain areas at night, and taking basic safety precautions, you can enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer while staying safe and secure.